An investment visa is an employment-based visa available to those who have invested a significant amount of capital into a U.S. business or commercial enterprise. Timothy M. Spridgeon, P.A. has extensive experience handling investment visas. We'll help you find out whether this is the right visa for you. We have Russian-speaking and Serbian-speaking staff to assist you. Whatever questions you might have, a qualified immigration attorney will be there to help. Our lead investment visa lawyer, attorney Spridgeon, will provide personalized attention-he'll walk you through every step of the visa application process.

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Know the difference between your visas

The United States offers five main types of investment visas. Depending on your investment, you might be eligible for an:

EB-5: permanent residence through a large investment

E-1: nonimmigrant visa through an international trade

E-2: nonimmigrant visa through smaller investments

L-1: nonimmigrant visa through a multi-national corporate transfer

EB-1C: permanent residence through a multi-national corporate transfer

Everyone's situation is different-trust an experienced immigration lawyer to help you understand which type of visa or green card category fits your situation. Call Timothy M. Spridgeon, P.A. today. We'll never waste your time with options that don't make sense for you.

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